I am Mohammed Kabba.


I grew up in Nigeria and Gambia. My uncle, Kursa Kabba, began dealing in trade beads in 1982. I saw his success, and decided to try it myself in 1987.


I always strive to carry the best beads available, travelling the African continent in order to offer a variety.


When in Nigeria, I travel from village to village buying beads. I have known some people there for many years, and I am also able to visit family while there and in Gambia. In addition to vintage and antique European glass beads from the West African trade, my antique Meditteranean coral also comes from Nigeria. The deeper red corals come from the Yoruba people, and the pink corals come from the Hausa traders. I also carry a line of baskets from the Yoruba and Fulani peoples in Nigeria.


I also visit Ghana for old collectible glass beads. There is a thriving powder glass bead industry in Ghana, and the quality of these new beads is steadily improving. I sell some of these modern beads as well as baskets made in Ghana.


I go to Mali for the popular "Mali Wedding Beads", as well as antique amber and granite.

The wonderful ancient amazonite (also known as feldspar) beads and old shell beads come from Mauritania. They were made and drilled by hand.

Ethiopia holds treasures both old and new - antique European glass, as well as modern Ethiopian-made metal beads in a variety of styles.


Kenya also is a source of antique glass beads, but they too have a thriving bead making industry, using bone as the raw material. When stained with various designs, these beads are called "batik bone".


Each country I visit has beads unavailable elsewhere, which is why I am so busy travelling. It is a lifestyle that I have grown accustomed to, and I am very happy to have so many friends and family that I am able to see quite frequently. Of course, a passion for beads that has grown over the years has something to do with my love for my work. My favorite beads are very, very good beads, and I will pay (almost) any price for them. My absolute favorite bead is my green 7-layer Venetian glass chevron.


Thank you for visiting my site, and please take a moment to enjoy the photos.